(415) 696-1411
(415) 696-1411
Frequently Asked Questions
    -Can you pick me up outside San Francisco?
No, we are only licensed to pick up in San Francisco and at SFO airport. In any other town or city you must call a local cab company.
     -Why did my trip out of town cost 50% over the meter?
Please see information on cab fares here.
     -Why did an empty Yellow Cab not stop for me?
      We have many Taxis and because we do it’s not unusual that you may see several, empty or full, before yours arrives. The driver cannot stop for you if they have already accepted a dispatch order if if they have to return to the garage for a shift change or a mechanical issue.
    - Are there illegal cabs in San Francisco?
Yes, unfortunately. Always make sure the words SAN FRANCISCO COMFORT CAB are displayed on the body of the cab in large block letters. If you see a Yellow Cab without those words on it, it is an illegal or out of town cab, and you should avoid taking it.
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